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  Montag, 08 Februar 2016
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In the 13th century, the Mongolian leader Genghis Khan (in German Dschinghis Khan) and his hoard of riders conquered a vast area of the world as it was known at that time. Centuries later, a colourful, historical and costumed music group from Munich did the same with a surprise attack on the world of music. Dschinghis Khan won all of the important music awards, went gold and platinum in 20 countries and sold no less than 20 million records. They were guests on 240 TV shows and smiled at us from the front covers of the leading magazines. Dschinghis Khan is globally accepted as having been the most successful group ever produced by Germany.

dschinghis kahn group

The convincing visual translation and extensive choreography which accompanies the songs was always an important part of any performance and the mark of Dschinghis Khan. And it remains so to this day! The members of the "The Legacy of Genghis Khan", who supported the original members Wolfgang Heichel, Henriette Strobel and Edina Pop on the stage, both with singing and dancing, originate from renowned training colleges for musical talent.

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